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Leisure time in 1:160

Station building in Engelsfors, main town at the layout

Disturbance in rail services


                      This years project - 2016                                                     2016-05-30


This years project contains replacing of two older small radius corner sections on the home layout.
The upper corner section will have the newly built diorama of a local roundhouse as focal point
(the new sections will of course also be useful at the exhibition layout too)



 The Lowlands and the Bordobrach to Thorwick branch  
                    A sudden British caprice with a connection to the Swedish main layout            


Suddenly a new narrow British section was built on the lower level with a connection to the Swedish main layout on the upper level.

It was built as a fictional urban industrial area somewhere in the Scottish Lowlands, with inspiration mostly from British model rail magazines, seen with a Scandinavian eye.

Klick for more information and pictures


A YouTube video following a transport from Sweden on direct  rails to Scotland              
  A video presentation of the exhibition layout at show at the Swedish Railway museum                                          2012-10-06

 This is for the moment the only opportunity I have to have the layout assembled and running
The exhibition is a yearly module building event for both H0 and N scale modellers.




Building an SJ Black train in N scale:
At last    -     A room at home where I can build up and run my layout                                                          2013-06-02

Last autumn I finally began preparation of the "train room" in the basement.
The room which I have dreamed of for so long
will soon, after many years of waiting, be possible to connect and run my modules even here at home.

Now, the first
steps are completed and there is an operable layout,
I am still just in the beginning of the project so many of the  connecting tracks are just temporarily layed on bare plywood strips.

          --->   The "train room project"

Short YouTube clip with report of the current state
               When the bikers came to the layout - A set of scratchbuilt bikes and bikers        2012-07-23

From a dummy to a biker
A threatening entrance to the N scale world 
Some pictures from Drambo works on the layout

Swedish modern era coaches - the lack of  the market compensated by an own conversion kit
Three different liveries of the coach---->
The conversion kit will later be made avalible in the webshop (sept/oct)
 A video presentation of the Skultuna modules, the first built on my layout                          2012-02-06
  Texts still just in swedish, but please enjoy the pictures, they will talk for them selves
Scratch built models of SJ:s new Intercity train


Delivery of the two models confirmed.
Read more about the model and look at some model pictures



  A presentation of the layout as a

Show layout

This time on show at one of the main
model railroad shows in Sweden

"Model train 2010" at the
 Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle


A gallery with the new N scale models  -->
The development of a few new models.                                                                              (2010-04-09)  

For the moment I´m trying to assemble
a couple of newly constructed etched models
to find out what have to be improved to produce the models as etched kits for the
Swedish market. 

To the article--->
Rusheden - a quick built speed track for an exhibition                                    (2009-12-25)    
During 2009 I have built two models of the Swedish high speed train, Regina 250, used as a test platform in the "grönatåget" project. (se article below......)

To give these models a good chance to run at full speed at the model train exhibition at the Swedish Railway Museum, held in October 2009 there was a need to build a high speed section for my layout.

How the four speed sections were built -->
Pictures from recent projects                                                                         (2009-07-16)


High speed test train, Regina 250
The models is scratch built with an own etched body 
on an extended Kato chassies.

Some pictures from the construction process and the
finished models. (text in swedish, sorry) 

Some facts about the prototype.....
A small diorama wich finally made the Engelsfors triple modules complete.

- Pictures from this diorama 

- Intro to the triple modules

The layout at exhibition                                                                               (2008-11-30)
In early october the layout was shown at a module exhibition at the Swedish Railway Museum.

For two days the small N scale engines were running  in the sidings between the big 1:1 scale engines of the museum. 

Some pictures from the exhibition.



You are welcome to the swedish mining district in miniature
A mid swedish N-scale layout.

This website was started in may 2001 and  gives me the opportunity to share the continuing  work with my layout with others.
The  layout portraits the region between lake Mälaren and the mid swedish mining district "Bergslagen" and is a combined home- and exhibition layout.
The prototypes for both the buildings and the rolling stock comes from this region which also means a lot of research and scratchbuilding.  
An article of the building process.
The station building of Fagersta.  A diorama on the new modules. 

 The latest project - A barrel top diorama
  Modelling an actual local whisky destillery


Pictures from the layout
Slide show #1

Pictures from the layout
Slide show #2

How to´s 
Landscaping, structures and module building
Rolling stock
Models and prototypes
Models and prototypes


Module building - A scenic triple module                                           (2007-07-14)


  The travel center at the station area An EMU passing one of the two bridges 
at the other end of the tripple. 
  More pictures..........     
Another production run of handbuilt engines                                   (2009-01-20)
Early november 2008 i started up the second production run of the Hg engines in N scale.

This run contains 24 handbuilt locos with a body of my own construction. 16 of the locos are pre booked.
If everthing works well, the run should be ready for
shipping, late february 2009.

New for this year is that the body also is released
as an assembly kit availible in my webshop.


When this run is finished I will hope that there will be more time to spend with the layout again. 
Here You will find a small series of pictures showing the 
steps from fret to loco
The day when the construction sector people arrived.                              (2007-03-14)
During the last month I have built a couple of service vehicles for the "Construction Sector". 

It is two rebuilt railcars, 
 - one staff wagon (PMV) 
 - one lift motor unit (LMV)
The later used for maintenance of the overhead catanary system:

More infomation about the models and a short story from their first duty on my layout.



Articles and reports from present projects.

A short presentation of the operators of the layout                           (2007-01-14)
After quite a few hours down in the paint shop it is now possible to make a presentation of the different local operators that works on this layout. Well, not all are really local, even British Rail has a far outpost at this layout.
TGOJ - modern period TGOJ - "orange" period Banverket British Rail
To the presentation of the operators and all their engines.......  



Report from a module meeting at the Swedish Railway Museum            (2006-11-13)

Both the exhibition layout and the new Fremo modules were shown at a module meeting in Gävle in october:

Left: A module meeting at the module meeting.
This scene became rather popular at the  module meeting at the Swedish Railway Museum were my modules participated. 

Module building                                                                                            (2006-11-02)

There has been a very low activity of updates on the english pages recently. 
The main reason is that I´m in fact are working with some real model railroading.

I am building a series of five N-scale Fremo modules.
This article shows the work with one of those modules 


Read about the building of a Fremo module...

The transformation of a Japanese Thunderbird train
to a Swedish  Regina  EMU                                        

The result of the project became a fleet of five Regina trains in liverys from four different operators. The bodies are scratchbuilt from an own photo etching on the resized Thunderbird chassies 

To the gallery an the articles --->.

Kato JR 681 Thunderbird

     A double set of Regina cars at the layout.


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