The Lowlands About construction Pictures from The Lowlands sections updated:  2015-11-16  
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Section A 

Section B 

Section C 
 Thorwick Station Area
 Section D -
Thorwick City

  The Lowlands and the Bordobrach to Thorwick branch  

The Lowlands is a small extension to my main layout, built wedged on a shelf below the existing sections.It was built when I needed 
some new tracks adjacent to my workbench to improve and ease the handling of the DCC calibration and programming.
As it was built on a lower level it was initially given the working name ”The Lowlands” and soon I realized that this was a possibility to build the British section
that I always dreamt  about to build, but until now never been able to go further with.

 A Class 37 hauling en empty grain train heading for the Swedish region on the upper level.

  In my model world this is indeed possible, why should it not?

  In the real world, the British and French people have their Channel Tunnel. Here, in my world, the independent Scotland has now built their rail link to the very nearby Scandinavian   peninsula and in that way I can have both freight and passenger traffic between the two parts of the layout.

The Lowlands sections built on the edge of a shelf
squeezed in below the upper level of the main layout
Layout plan October 2015