How i did .........

sidan uppdaterad:  2008-08-27


Some hints and tips of how I have done when building parts of the layout.

The english texts are not so detailed as the swedish, I hav some problems with the translation of some terms and materials.
But I have tried to get a brief description of most topics. 

Modules, landscape, trees and other details
  Rock areas
  Green areas made of turf
Green areas made of teddy

  Trees made of Spirea

  Trees from roots and Woodland Scenics
Tree trunk kits
Poles for overhead cables,  without cables :-)
More ..... 
Small outdoor cellar ? (text in swedish)
Landscaping step by step, pictures from three module areas
Forest module
Small cottage at the forst module
Fields and meadows

A couple of exhibition modules, ideas and construction 

  Under construction