Second production run                                     
Hg - a Swedish electrical engine  from the fifties  built in N scale                    

A few pictures from the second production run of this handbuilt model. 

This year I have decided to build a few more engines than last year, an increase from 10 to 24 locos.

The body is an etched construction of my own in 0,25 mm Nickel Silver
It is built to fit upon a Tomix TM03 chassis.

November 2008    
  The main parts of the body    The engine was often called the "iron" 
because of the long flat nose. 
      Early december 2008 I got some help from
some of my Preisers. 
  Two of the bodies, almost complete
with details, except from the roof.
  The chassis with new boggie frames. 
December 2008
  The paint shop crowded with bodies.
  The locos will be painted in
four different liveries.
  TGOJ Dark green, an early livery    TGOJ orange, from the seventies 
  BJ orange and red
A single preserved engine 
  And the most common livery for this engine
Fancy SJ - brown :-)
January 2009
  Some details for the "roofing".   With the first completed pantograph.


February 2009
  Still in parts, during adjustments after test runs at the track
  A few weeks to go. Time to slide on the transfers with logos and numbers.
The first run of handbuilt N scale engines completed in late february 2008                                   (2008-02-23)

A close up of the SJ engine

The complete series of ten engines

The electric engine Hg was a very common sight on swedish tracks between 1950 and 1990. Itīs duty was light goods- and passenger services. I assume the engine looks very ugly for a foreigner but we are so used to the sight 
so the Hg engine has become known to be "very full of charm", if an engine now could be charming :-). 

In 1994 I built a single model of this engine. The model was built of styrene sheet and was just a dummy.
Now, 13 years later I have found a couple of Japanese chassis that may fit into the slim body.
This time the body will be made as an NS etching to make it possible to make more than one single engine.
Perhaps the two prototypes will be followed by a small "ready-to-run" series.

The "project" also includes the construction of an N-scale swedish pantograph, an item that is also missing on the market so far. The earlier tries have been too tricky to assemble. This one is intended to be a simplified model with fixed configuration, no upīs and downīs will be possible, thats the compromise you will have to take.

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The SJ engine on the line, click for full picture

The TGOJ engine on the line, click for full picture

Another TGOJ engine, this time a preserved Hg with a day trip train