A diorama with some town buildings 

    Meny - Engelsfors


Model building and prototypes - The main building
   - The backyard buildings 

A guided tour around the diorama
The diorama from street view with the bank building in front.

The bank office with the cash dispenser.


The barber resides around the right corner

Around the left corner you will find Hotel Svea, an old worn out boarding house


And here, the best bakery shop in town. 

It´s the first sunny day of this summer.

And in a few days the garden café at the backyard will open

The main building from a backside view.

The backyard buildings
This bulding is recently renovated. The proud owners of a couple of preserved cars are using this building
as work shop and club house.
The buildings on the other side are not in the same condition.
The backyard is a natural meeting place for the local youths.