The Engelsfors modules - a set of three Fremo-N modules.
Pictures from the modules.

During the last two years Iīve been working on a tripple module based on the station areas around Fagersta, in the north of the Vastmanland county. Now Iīm almost finished, just a few buildings are left to do.

A track plan showing the three modules. The station area occupies a good half of the two modules to the left,
then changes slowly to a green landscape where the two lines passes a lake over two different bridges.

The station buildings are placed on a
detachable diorama and are more or less an exact model of corresponding buildings at Fagersta station. The rest of the modules are mostly based on the prototype but altered in size and with a few areas changed or added. 
On the modules the station area is renamed to Engelsfors station.

 The complete trippel with the station area at the close.      More pictures follows below.....
A few detail pictures, from left to right on the modules. top
The travel center 
The station building
The area next to the station is an area where a few more houses 
should be added  on both sides of the line.
A low level road crossing.
The EMU on the bridge is a scratch built Bombardier Regina EMU
built from an own etched set on a modified Kato chassies.
The same train on the "green" module with the bridges.
Some cows in the weeds.
Near the water by the bridge there is a small shack.

The prototype is just as poor as the model.