Regina X55 Intercity

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Prototype Model     Pictures of the models

all photos: Olle Frykmo

Bombardier Regina X55 Intercity The X55 is an EMU and are developed for SJ based on Bombardiers Regina concept as a 4 wagon unit for Intercity use.

Earlier Reginas (X50-X54) are based on two- or three wagon units for Regional services.

The order consist of a first series of twenty train sets with delivery 2011-2012
The trains are developed by Bombardier in Sweden but bulit in Germany. During late 2010 and spring 2011 the first trains has been running a test program on swedish tracks and the last completions has been made at Bombardiers workshop in Västerås where the picture is taken in april 2011.

Delivery years: 2011
Manufacturer: Bombardier
Numbers built for SJ:   20 (not yet delivered, may 2011)

Total lenght:   107 meter

The model will be built in a very limited series. For the moment there are just three models built. One protoype and two models deliverd to customers.

The main parts of the body are built from an etched sheet of my own design and put upon modified chassies from a Kato commuter train. 
The models are built with DCC control including changing headlights, supported by three different decoders.

A couple of pictures showing the base construction of the model.


 The base skeleton of the body with mounted led packages 

One of the modified Kato chassis

The changing headlight function is supported by three LEDs and one TCS function decoder in each end of the train.

From the three leds are three groups of fibre optic wire leading the light to totally 9 point of light in each end.

The model looks in this state more like an insect than a train.
After cutting the fibre optics the wagon sides are attached to the base construction..

The multi rounded noses are hand modelled with soft epoxi.


The unpainted four wagons

The Sommefeldt pantographs end details of the electrical
equipment made of spare parts.

The X55 trains are painted in a grey color scheme

The doors are actually made of decals attached to the model.



The two train sets ready for delivery. A picture from Engelsfors station at my layout.
A small cermony at delivery.