Model train 2008 
An exhibition at the Swedish Railway Museum.


A few pictures from the N-scale hall

The layout was formed of 7 modules in an L-shaped scenario with the 
finished modules at the front and modules under construction in the siding between the giant engines. 

Sunday morning, day 2. Still waiting for opening time A small chat at another N sclae layout.

Everything was not model railroad.

During the summer I have built a small "Barreltop" diorama.

It is a model of what earlier was a small Swedish hammer forge and mill at Mackmyra works in Gästrikland, not far away from the railway museum in Gävle.

Now the buildings resides the first Swedish Whisky destillery,
Mackmyra Svensk Whisky.

That should explain why the diorama is built as a round cake and placed upon a barrel. Yes the small 30 litres barrel comes from the destillery and is of the type whicj you can buy to have your own set of single cask whisky.

The model was much-appreciated as a different element.

Click here to view details of the diorama..........


Some pictures of the real thing - Scenes from the N scale layout

A rare guest at the bus station. A scratch built bus from the hand of Jörgen Edgar.
A workshop with some "classic cars". The buildings are models of local prototypes and computer printed 

A couple of Hg electric engines from my own production.
The models are constructed as etched sets upon an altered Tomix chassis.

The green engine portraits a preserved Hg engine from Grängesbergsbanornas Railway museum. 
This Hg engine in ordinary SJ brown livery is the first one I have built with a digitalized chassis.
And the first runs were made here at the exhibition.
This railcar seems to be abandoned out in the weeds at a closed line.