The Regina project         -           The construction of a swedish N-scale EMU

           X50-X54 REGINA  -  GALLERY

  Part 1  -  Preparations                               2002-12-05
  Part 2  -  Resizing the chassis                2003-01-03
  Part 3  -  Restart with new technique    2005-11-06
  Part 4  -  Painting                                      2005-12-01
  Gallery - Photos of models and prototypes in different liverys.
                -  Operator: Tåg i Bergslagen
                -  Operator: Trafik i Mälardalen
                -  Operator: Västtrafik


 Modell as arriving train at Fagersta Central 

Photos: Olle Frykmo

The complete fleet of Regina trains from four different operators in five liverys.



Regional operator "Tåg i Bergslagen".       Trains runned by  "Tågkompaniet"

 X54-3247 "Västman" at Västerås C       2005-08-15

  X51-3256 "Charlie Norman"  passing Engelsberg             2005-09-04


Two pictures of the model of Regina X51 3256 named "Charlie Norman"       2006-06-15

X51-3255 "Sura-Pelle"
The prototype at Västerås C 2005-10-26
Operator: Tåg i Bergslagen/Tågkompaniet

X51-3255 "Sura-Pelle"
The model    2005-11-28
Operator: Tåg i Bergslagen/Tågkompaniet

X51-3258 "Wilhelmina Skogh"
 At Fagersta C 2005-10-25
Operator: Tåg i Bergslagen/Tågkompaniet

X54-3287 "Putte Wickman"
At Västerås C 2005-10-25
Operator: Tåg i Bergslagen/Tågkompaniet


Regional operator "Trafik i Mälardalen".       Trains runned by  "SJ"

                        X50-3243 "Hyttan"  at Västerås C          2002-08-05

The model - X50 SJ3245 named "Misteln"          2006-06-15

 X52-3272+3275 and  X52-3276+3278 at Västerås C       2002-08-05

Two models - Trafik i Mälardalen - SJ/VL - Regina X50 SJ3245 "Misteln" together with Regina X52-3 SJ 3279 


Regional operator "Västtrafik".       Trains runned by  "SJ"

The model of Västtrafik´s - Regina X53-3 in two different locations at the layout.



And at last, the complete fleet of Regina trains once again