Project 2016 - New corner sections  sidan uppdaterad:  2016-05-30  
Intro Part 1
Building log


This years project is to replace the old "temporary" small radius corner sections with wide radius sections.

Todays layout (may 2016) with the old corner sections marked.
And here with the planned new sections marked yellow.
As the new sections will occupy more space I also have to replace the upper right sections to get an adapted connection down to the Skultuna section.
in the 

1) Upper corner section - Myggebo engine shed and workshops

The upper corner sections will be built as a triple section with a new model of a local roundhouse as focal point.
The other buildings on the sections will be some reused buildings from a couple of "off duty" sections.


Preparatory work

The engine shed was built already in 2014 and placed on a small diorama 
and it featured in a book with a theme of modelling Swedish engine sheds and workshops.

It is an accurate model of a roundhouse at Ängelsberg here in the county of  Västmanland.
To the right the first sketch for the layout plan for the triple section.