A new set of N scale etched models    


During the winter I have tried to make some new etched constructions for a few models that would like for my layout
and perhaps even make them ready for kit builders.
Now in april, the first etched plates arrived and it was rather exciting to try out how well the constructions would work.

I have used Corel Draw to make the design drawings and then sent the files away to process the etchings. 

  • Ogt - A weed control wagon (not present on the picture)
    It was this wagon I started up with and which gave further ideas for a few more models.
  • Tc Diesel engine 
    Built as snow removal machine and is also used as haulage in different work trains
  • Qce, the small wagon, closest to the camera.
    An older type of snowplow
  • F5 / FV1, rightmost model
    A luggage van from the fifties
  • Qax - the model behind the others
    A generator/ control wagon for ballasting trains


Ogt - A weed controlling wagon
The prototype at Västerås station, 
August 2004.

The first model of the wagon, built in 2004.

It was built upon a chassies of a passenger car
with a scratch built body of styrene sheet.

I was never really satisfied with this model.

A start, the new plate of 0,25 mm Nickel Silver.

First step is to cut out all the details and finish them off

This time it is a complete model with  
underframe, boogies and body
all made as etched details.
The two containers attached to the
underframe and the boogies ready with
new wheel axels 
Now the main parts are assembled.

Handrails, puffers and spraying ramps
will complete the model after painting.

Tc - A diesel engine to haul the Ogt
The Ogt train is normally hauled by this
double headed diesel engine combination.

 The Construction sectors Tc engines 
 numbers DLL3116 and DLL3127

This type of engine was originally built as a
snow removal  machine but is used for other purpuses
at other seasons.

The engine is built in a rather odd design with a
very special cabin. 
Even during the summer the big plows are mounted,
only the front plow is removed.

At this picture there are still much work to do with the model.

A few more plows, handrails, square headed puffers
and headlamps should be fitted. 




Qce - Another, but older type of snowplow
The snowplow / track cleaner wagon
was built in a wide range of types
with different equipment.

This wagon was photgraphed at
Snyten, 1998-2000.

An almost finished model

F5 / Fv1 - A luggage van from the fifties

This was the standard type of luggage wagon in Swedish trains during the fifties and early sixties.

Later it was used by Banverket (The Construction sector) as crew coach or stock trailer

The wagon painted in the most common SJ colour.
  Toghether with an other of my own models
The Hg electrical engine.