N scale scratch built bikers with motor cycles 


  • Bikers                                    - How the bikers were made
  • Motor cycles                           - How the bikes were built
  • Pictures from the layout            - Some pictures of the ready built items                         


The reason for making this try with a scratch built biker gang was that I had problems to find som appropriate items on the market when I searched for som models to place outside a club house on one of my modules on the layout.

I found these on a Japanese site and, but when they arrived I was a bit disappointed. They where not good looking and the driver on the right bike could no way  get down on the saddle

So I decided to make an own try using photo etch technique which I have worked quit a lot with.
And then try to build both bike and biker though the details would be rather small.


The biker is built up from a flat skelton of 0,25 mm nickel silver.

The model's figure is about 12 mm high when it is flattened

On a bit of chance, a number of score lines were made at suitable body joints and hopefully will get the figure the right angles to ride a bike.

The figure is folded to fit on the motorcycle (or other location)

Then I covered the skeleton with a number of thin layers
white glue
in order to build a suitable body hut.
The glue must dry between coats so as not to deform.

A few steps later it starts to look lika a biker and the
paint makes it all better.

The tattoo is made by dry brush application 
with green umber artists acrylic

The bikers vest is painted, just with indicated forms
Itīs too tiny to paint visible texts on.

Now, we are just missing a Harley ..........



N scale - Motor cycles in American style
The bikes are made up of six layers of 0,25 mm etch profiles to provide adequate width and should take up relief effect of engine parts, exhaust pipes, etc.

I made three different versions of the bikes to get some variety.

This one is a custom bike

The first four layers are centered by using the fitting holes and
0.3 mm wire

I normally use CA glue to attach the parts.

This model is another model

When the body is built is the other parts is put in place

- The two ultimate relief elements with th
e exhaust pipes
- A saddle
- And the
handlebar which I actually soldered, for better durability

The third version.

A drop of white glue is placed on each side of the tank in order to obtain the rounded shape.
A minimal brush is uswed to paint the fine details.


Here are the bikes with thin light gray metal primer as a basis for
the color of the fuel tank and the wheel displays.

Engine parts are painted gray / dark gray or left bare metal
depending on the
prototypes design.
Seven bikes waiting for their bikers.
Fine adjustment of arm- and leg angles  before departure.
And here we gooooo..........

Down on the layout they make their way to the club house.

The firts patrol arriving to the club house

Where everything is a mess

The main group scares the village inhabitants

Waiting outside until the president returns

from a "chat" with the restaurant owner next door.

One man on his post.