Modul meeting at the Railway Museum 
7-8 october 2006

sidan uppdaterad 2006-11-12

Foto:  Olle och Ola Frykmo

The event of this year was the module meeting at the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle.

This was in fact the first time that the old layout was at show at a bigger event in Sweden. It has been shown three times at shows in Norway. 

In addition I brought with me six  Fremo-N modules in different building stages.

It takes quite much effort to bring a layout of this size on  show. Especially if you have to run the work by your own. So once a year is the maximum of events I can handle.

Ready to go with both the car and the trailer filled up with modules, supporting legs and a lot of tools.

One of the details at the new modules was a module meeting held at the goods shed at Engelsfors. This scene became a rather popular public attraction at the show. 

The picture above shows the old exhibition layout and on the picture below You can see the new modules just in front of the high speed train simulator at the museum.


And here is a picture showing a part of the big H0 module layout that was created.
Some more pictures from the event...... 
The link shows pictures from and the text is just in swedish.

Slide show from the forest module

One of the modules at the old layout is showing the rocky nature of "Bergslagen", one of the mining and steel plant districts in Sweden.

This is a slide show from that module with pictures of trains, forests and a scout camp.