The   Fagersta   Diorama

One of my projects in process is the construction of three N-scale modules based on the Fremo N standard.
That is really a long-term project that will cover a few more years from now.

The first part of that project was to build a small diorama featuring the central station area of the modules.
The diorama should be detachable from the modules to make it possible to bring it separately to shows.

The project started up during the summer of 2004 with the construction of the station building.
Now, one year later the diorama is completed and has been on it´s first show.
The module cases are built, but it is not for sure when I will start to lay the track.

The modules

The modules will be built with the end interfaces according to the Fremo-N double track standard .
This is for the possibility to attach it to other Fremo modules at exhibitions or shows.
But the main reason for building the modules is really just to complete my basement layout. 
The theme for the modules is to portrait the area around Fagersta and Västanfors in the northern part of Vastmanland. ( map ). 
  • The left module is a landscape module with two separate lines joining over two bridges at a lake.
  • The two modules to the right contains the station area with the junction.
  • The pink area is the detachable diorama with the station buildings

This is how the layout is planned.
Just drawn  up on paper sheets and with 
a paper prototype of the station buildings.