N-scale vehicles at the layout
Rebuilt or repainted items  

sidan uppdaterad:  2012-08-07

Scratchbuilt, rebuilt or repainted items 
Televison Link buses
Rebuilt Busch Mercedes Sprinters
Pictures frpm the conversion.
(Text only in swedish so far)
Bikers with Harley bikes 
Scratchbuilt motorcycles and bikers
made from tiny etched details

A normal tractor from Preiser
with scratchbuilt details of strip styrene.

A MB lorry from Wiking

The arm is scratchbuilt with different
dimensions of strip styrene.

A Setra 315 from Noch

Repainted with home printed decals.

More pictures from the transformation......

Installation van from Swedish PTE, Telia
A MB van from Wiking

Repainted with home printed decals.


Paper models
Local buses  -  Volvo B10M
Click for a larger picture Three different variations of Volvo B10M
from the local bus operator running today on  the line
 between Skultuna and Västerås.

A papersheet with one of the buses in N-scale 

Renault Master
Click for a larger picture Renault Master
The white one is a Rental car from OK Q8

The red one is a local plumbers van

A papersheet with the vans in both H0 and N-scale