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A Swedish delivery moped     (2006-04-17)


If you miss something on  your layout and there is a lack of ready produced items you will have to try to make it your way.
And now I have a couple of small etched N scale delivery mopeds just for my own

Security fencing, one of the etched kit now on sale by Nmodell
Etched details                                                       (2005-05-23)
There has been a lack of genuine Swedish N-scale details to put around our layouts. Most items are German, American or British and looks a little bit odd  when placed in the Swedish landscape.

So, during the winter I have  tried to draw a couple of etched sheets with such details. Some of this details are now availible at the Nmodel  webshop.

Pictures of the details placed where they belong, at my own layout.   

More pictures of the SAAB:s

Beatiful gems of nostalgia     

The two SAAB cars from the sixties adds a sense of past swedish summers to the layout.

The cars are built from a new simple six-part kit
from Nmodell, available at their webshop

More pictures of the SAAB 96......

Small details for the layout        (2005-09-09)

Some pictures of a few new etched details 
I have made for my layout.

A coffee table with chairs and a  bicycle. 

More pictures --->

More pictures


Modelling a construction sector diesel            (04-08-31)
This is my first try to make an own etched model.  
The result is a model of the Swedish Construction Sectors Multipurpose Tb engine. 
The model is now availble at the webshop of Nmodell
In the article there are a few pictures of the model and of the prototype.

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Tb 290 Multi purpose engine. Click to enlarge To the article

The most Swedish train of them all,  the Y6 railcar -  I have built two different models


The first model, an Y6 as a preserved 
railcar, ready for its first run

How I built the two different railcars.
  Two videoclips showing the first runs.

The second model, UCF06
seems to be stuck in the weeds 

Pictures of a repainted loco
A couple of  Swedish operators has bought back some RC-engines from the Austrian railways. Heres are some pictures from the repainting of a Fleischmann ÖBB-loco during the conversion to the new Swedish livery. The pages are still in Swedish.



New start for Swedish N-scale ! 
To run an N-scale Layout with genuine Swedish stock has so far always involved a lot of scratchbuilding. But a change could be coming. This year we have seen a couple of interesting items from local manufacturers.

First the above mentioned Y6 railcar that already has arrived.
On delivery for the moment is a diesel engine, the T44. 
Later another one, the T43 is coming up.
Both diesel models produced by Nmodell / Modellproduktion

The prototype for the Y6 railcar



 Olle Frykmo, Skultuna

Copyright  © 2001-2002  Olle Frykmo
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