The history from the very beginning......
Once upon a time there was a little boy .......

I have been looking in my old albums and found some pictures
that perhaps can explain why I am a railway fan.

The place where everything started, I think.

A expectant little boy, 1 1/2 year old with suitcase
on his way to enter the train.

The picture is from 1957 at Norrköping

Foto: Rolf Frykmo
Summer of 1958 at Lökaryd in Småland

The little boy to the left is me, looking for the
railcars passing by.
Foto: Rolf Frykmo

At my third birthday I found this city when I woke up.
My father had built the city with houses made of cardboard, streets and some trackworks. 
A few years later expanded the city board with a real MR layout along the walls in the room.
Foto: Rolf Frykmo

In 1970 when we moved to another city we never rebuilt the layout again and as a young teenager there were lots of other things that seemed more interesting.



Restart  1987-1988
After my education was finished in the late 70:s the interest slowly returned.
For many years I was doing model railroading mostly from the desktop (not the computers desktop)
There were many fantastic trackplans created but no one was build until the first tries in 1988-1989

Just as my father I built a small H0 layout for my sons third birthday.
I used some of my fathers houses and built a few house myself.

Soon I realised that it was only me that liked model railroading at my house, so I started to plan for a layout  of my own. I decided to build it in the basement and to use N-scale instead of H0 and the theme should be very local.



The first version of the N-scale layout   1990-1994
The layout was built during some more or less intensive periods from 1991 until 1994 

The first version of the layout was built in a narrow passage where it really was no place for it.
The trackplan had too tight curves to let the trains run well. 
Below is a picture of that layout before it was rebuilt in another room.
Trackwork, houses and trains were built but there was hardly no scenery at all.


The second version of the layout  ---  ´n Skultuna   1998 - 2001

The new version of the layout was built along the walls in a new built room in the basement.
A couple of new modules were added but still there was no scenery added to the old module.

In springtime 2001, the scenery came in place in quite a hurry to make two of the modules ready for their first exhibition. At the exhibition the two modules was shown as dioramas with no running trains
but with many small interesting details and scenes.

At that exhibition I got a new invitation to participate in a show in Norway later the same year.
I really wanted to have running trains on the tracks this time so I had to start to build a couple new  modules to make the layout complete.

I really made it in time, though the modules were in different shades of completion.
The next year I returned to Norway with a layout with scenery and details completed.

Track plans of the layout 





Whats next ....... upp

A layout will never be ready and complete: There are always new ideas popping up.
Most of them will never be more than ideas, some of them gets a good start but dies when a new idea takes over. But a few ideas will proceed through all phases of a project.

And there is of course a numbers of ideas that have crossed my mind, but this year, 2003, is something like a "middle year".  The layout is not scheduled for any shows and no building activitys is going on on the layout.
The theme of the year is rolling stock. A couple of scratchbuilt engines and the new N-scale bodies that has been released for swedish railcar and diesel engine are at my working bench.

And then?
I realy want to build a couple of new modules to add to the layout, probably built as  oNeTRAK-modules wich will make it possible to dock them to both my layout and to other peoples modules without the need to transport the hole layout.

But ideas will change..........