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The prototype
The theme of the layout is railroads from the middle of Sweden, around lake Malaren. The engines and EMU:s comes from three different railway companies, SJ, TGOJ and VL

The buildings and the scenery is based on the surroundings near the village of Skultuna, where I live.

The line passing Skultuna was withdrawn in the early 90:s but on the layout it´s still there.

----  SWB  - Formerly Stockholm Westerås Bergslags Jernvägar.
  TGOJ - Trafikaktiebolaget Grängesbergs Oxelösunds Järnvägar
   Other    SJ-lines
         " SJ     - The Swedish state railroads"
          "VL     -  The regional operator in the county of Västmanland"





Quick facts about the layout.
Scale: N  1:160
Track: Mostly Peco code 55
Some Peco code 80 and Arnold at the oldest parts at Skultuna station.
Turnouts:: Peco code 55 and code 80
A few Peco, but most are handoperated at the front of each module.
Mera om modulerna The modules are placed as shelfs at a height of 120 cm.
The lenght of the basement layout is about 14 meters from end to end.
Operation: Analog 
When 1990 och and later 
Traffic: Mostly regional commutertrains 
Engines and
Most of the rolling stock are scratchbuilt  on  chassies from  Graham Farish, Minitrix, Fleischmann, Ibertreen och Roco 




Cameras   upp
Most of the pictures on these pages are my own.

(You may use my pictures, but please notate the source and send me a mail to tell me how and where you will use the picture)

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  • Old pictures (before april 2001) are taken with a Minolta 3000I
  • The picture from the rest of 2001 are taken with a Nikon Coolpix 880, a digital camera that I some times could borrow from my company.
  • The pictures from 2002 and later on will be taken with a Minolta Dimage 7i